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Find and copy files based on todays date and search for a particular string

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Find and copy files based on todays date and search for a particular string
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Question Find and copy files based on todays date and search for a particular string

Hi All,
I am new to shell srcipting.

Problem :

I need to write a script which copy the log files from /prod/logs directory based on todays date like (Jul 17) and place it to /home/hzjnr0 directory and then search the copied logfiles for the string "@ending successfully on Thu Jul 17". If this string is not found then a mail will be sent to specific user.

The logs are generated everyday in a /prod/logs directory location and with datestamp like (Jul 10).

Can anyone suggest any logic to implement this?
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You can start with reading about globbing, cp, grep and mailx.

Here are few examples to help you start:
The following command will copy all files, name starting with "Jul17" from /prod/logs and paste them in /home/hzjnr0
$ cp /prod/logs/Jul17* /home/hzjnr0

grep will look for required string in a file.
$ grep '@ending successfully on Thu Jul 17' filename.txt

mailx will send an email
$ echo "Test email" | mailx -s "Test Subject"

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Thanks for your reply, appreciate it.
But i am trying to write a script for doing this. Also my logfiles name didn't start with current date.

They are like a.log, b.log with todays timestamp.
$ cp /prod/logs/Jul17* /home/hzjnr0

is not helping.
Also by
$ grep '@ending successfully on Thu Jul 17' filename.txt

i can search for one file but i was trying to search for the same string in multiple log files
so this is not resolved the problem.

if any oneliner of find command can be used plz advice.

I have tried this
find . -name '*.log' -exec cp {} /home/hzjnr0 \;

but this is not copying the files based on today's timestamp.

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