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Help with renaming file using sed

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Help with renaming file using sed


I am currently updating a script, It should do the ff:

rename the YYYYMMDD in mainlog.YYYYMMDD to $NEW_DATE

I was ask to use sed but I am not that familiar with it.

I should update the touch part with the sed. Please kindly help me with this. Thanks a lot.

# loop to touch the mainlog and archive_list files
integer INDEX=1
while [ $INDEX -le $UPPER_LIMIT ]
if [ $INDEX -lt 10 ] 
NEW_DATE="$OUT_YYYY""$OUT_MM"0"$OUT_DD" # insert day with leading zero 
touch -t ${NEW_DATE}"0000.01" ./logs/ctlm/mainlog.${NEW_DATE}.log

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in a shell environment what you may do is using sed to generate the new file name you want to rename the original file to, i.e.
newname=`echo ${currentname} | sed -e "s/\.[0-9]\{8\}\./\.${NEWDATE}\./" 
mv ${currentname} ${newname}

see ya
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Hi Fra..

I tried using the code but i was getting a not found error.

currentname: not found

would you know why?

thanks for the help..
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check your definition of currentname variable, and if there actually is a file named like the value set in currentvalue variable.

see ya

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