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awk output to multiple variables

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awk output to multiple variables


I need to assign the ouput of a awk statement to two variables; below is a example of the txt file i have which I use awk against

sample file

awk statement

awk -F , '{print $2,$3}'
USA loc2
GB loc4

I need a method where i can store the output into two separate variables one for the $2 and one for $3. I would then use the variables in my script for further operations. Any ideas anyone


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Need more info

What are you trying to do?
Need to see an example of your desired output.
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First problem, all your data is separated by white space so you'll get two things, not four. Easily solved though:

$ awk -F, -v ORS="," '{print $2, $3}' data

USA loc2,GB loc4,


Now it's just a matter of letting the shell do splitting on ",".

$ IFS=","
$ set --  $(awk -F, -v ORS="," '{print $2, $3}' data)
$ echo $1

USA loc2

$ echo $2

GB loc4


# 4  

With the two variables created from the awk statement I would like to feed them into another command set eg lpadmin -L $var1 -D$var2.

I was attempting to do it with the following ;
awk -F ,  '{print $2 $3}' | while read var1 var2
    echo $var1 $var2

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Originally Posted by duckeggs01

I was attempting to do it with the following ;

awk -F , '{print $2 $3}' | while read var1 var2
echo $var1 $var2
That will work fine (assuming you provide a file to awk or have redirected its standard input, and that the missing comma between $2 and $3, which is present in your original post, is a typo in this one), so I assume that your real code is different.

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Keep in mind that if your shell runs that while-loop in a subshell, you will need to do all the work with those variables within the body of the while-loop.

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