Piping fails in locale other than English

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The output you're seeing is what one would see if the pipe symbol were to be quoted.
grep -n '^PAX_PAYLOAD:$' $0 '|' cut -d ':' -f 1

Seeing the entire script and knowing exactly how it's invoked (especially the value of $0) would be helpful. Also, further details of the environment may help. Which sh exactly is being used, for starters.

A shot in the dark (although I don't see how it could be the cause, it's good practice): try double-quoting $0.


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Some light may be shed on the problem if you enable tracing at the top of the script (or at least before the problematic section is entered). set -x enables tracing, set +x disables it.

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Thanks alister. Turning tracing on was a great idea.

I was able to get around my previous issue by finding an alternative to piping. However, I have another spot where I am also using a pipeline and I am seeing the same issue.

tail -n +$license_start $0 | head -n $length | uudecode -o /dev/stdout

(I am using a combination of head and tail to get encoded data between two line numbers and then piping that into uudecode. There is probably a better way to do this but for now id like to solve this piping issue.)

Alister, I took your advice and turned tracing on.
In en_US or C for the locale I get this:

+ tail -n +46382 ./install.sh
+ head -n 2217
+ uudecode -o /dev/stdout

(and then the decoded file)

In other locales like cs_CZ i get this:

+ tail -n +46382 ./install.sh | head -n 2217 | uudecode -o /dev/stdout

as if it is all one command...

I am very new to shells, encoding etc. Sorry, i do not know exactly which sh I am using.

However, I noticed that when I change the locale from cs_CZ to cs_CZ.UTF-8 piping works. Is this just an encoding problem?

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This is probably just an encoding problem. Shells interpreting pipes as literal characters is extremely odd.
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If this is just an encoding problem, is there a way to fix it? Is it a matter of my script not having the right encoding? I tried using file -i to determine its encoding but all I get is "regular file."

I suppose I can get around piping by storing the output of each command in a temp file, but is this good practice?
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Not a good practice, no. Shells expect ASCII or something compatible with ASCII. Your encoding must be something strange which disagrees with ASCII on what | means.

Try writing up the file from scratch after you've set your encoding to "C" or UTF8 or some other ASCII-compatible encoding.
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Originally Posted by adam.wis
However, I noticed that when I change the locale from cs_CZ to cs_CZ.UTF-8 piping works. Is this just an encoding problem?
Honestly, I don't know. I have never experienced this problem. Please make sure to report back if you determine the exact cause.


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The z/OS shell expects an EBCDIC environment. The pipe is a variant character (one of 13 widely-used characters that can vary between EBCDIC flavours) which is represented by different bytes values depending on the locale which is set. This is why a pipe can work in one locale and not in another.

Internally, the z/OS shell expects the script to be encoded in IBM-1047. If the active character set is not IBM-1047, then the script is transcoded to IBM-1047 before execution. The transcode operation modifies a specific set of bytes in the script, i.e. only variant characters are changed to their IBM-1047 equivalents.

To display the variant byte values for the current locale
locale -ck LC_SYNTAX.

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