Taking sum up all values inside the file

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Old 07-04-2012
Taking sum up all values inside the file


Taking sum up all values inside the file by using the below command:

paste -sd+ filenmae | bc

Getting some error like "0705-001: building space exceeded on line1 stdin"

The original data looks like


Like that, some thousands of records for four files. By using sed command, removing all the starting spaces in a file and storing vlaues(i.e., cpu time) column alone in a file and trying take to the count by using paste command.

I tried to use different scenarios to take the count by using awk, eventhough am getting same error.

The error is displaying for few files only. I verified the file contents there is no spaces or empty rows.

Thanks for you help in advance.
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Old 07-04-2012
Expecting this .. ??
$ nawk '{$1=$1}; {sum+=$1}END{print sum}' infile

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Old 07-05-2012
I found out the problem...

paste -sd+ filename | bc 

The ablove code is working only for 350 records, to take sum up values inside a file. Performance wise, it will execute very fast. If it is more than 350 records it won't work.

We should use the below code and again the drawback is it will take more time to take sum. Performance wise its dead slow.
while read value
      total_cpu=$(echo "$value + $total_cpu" | bc)

So, i was using both codes like
if recourd count <= 350
   use paste command
    use looping

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