grep command

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grep command


how to search all occurance of keyword in current directory files and sub folder's files also using grep command.

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GREP IT cool

DO A grep

GREP KEYWORD */* and you get the files which has all the keywords in the sub directories

Thanks Dino Smilie)
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Originally Posted by dino_leix
DO A grep

GREP KEYWORD */* and you get the files which has all the keywords in the sub directories
...and probably a "parameter list too long"-error.

The correct way is to use "find", either this way:

# find <startdir> [-name "<namescheme>"] -type f -exec grep -q "<what you search for>" {} \; -print

or that way:

# find <startdir> [-name "<namescheme>"] -type f -print | xargs grep "<what you search for>"

The first way is to be preferred and will only list the filenames containing your search pattern.

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