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How to find files created today in a particular directory?

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One way: Create a reference file dated at the start of the day and find all files newer than that file:
This script is designed to take a directory name as a parameter and contains code to clean up after itself.

if [ "${DIR}""X" = "X" ]
YYYYMMDD="`date +%Y%m%d`"       # Reversed date yyyymmdd
touch -t ${YYYYMMDD}0000 ${REFERENCE}
if [ -f "${REFERENCE}" ]
        rm "${REFERENCE}"
trap 'MYEXIT' 1 2 3 15
find "${DIR}" -type f -newer "${REFERENCE}" -exec ls -lad {} \;
) 2>&1 | pg

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Originally Posted by jayan_jay
-mtime 0 will pick latest 24 hrs modified files .. Thats y it picks yours yesterday dates files too ..

Then try with the below ..
$ find dir_path -mtime 0 -type f -exec ls -ltr {} \; | grep "$(date +%d|sed 's,^0,,g') ..:.."

Thanks a lot jayan_jay. It is very much working.
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How to find files created today in a particular directory?

Hi Jayan,

Can you pls explain what exactly logic you have taken specially grep one?
find dir_path -mtime 0 -type f -exec ls -ltr {} \; | grep "$(date +%d|sed 's,^0,,g') ..:.."

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Further to @jayan_jay, it would be better to match on the Month and Day, though I think I now see what your RE is doing. In most versions of date, the day field is available in various formats - including with a leading space character for single digit days:

TODAY="`date '+%b %e'`"        # Mmm dD
find dir_path -type f -mtime 0 -exec ls -lad {} \; | grep "${TODAY}"

My earlier post with find -newer is the most efficient.
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