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sed/awk script to parse list of bandwidth rules

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed/awk script to parse list of bandwidth rules
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sed/awk script to parse list of bandwidth rules

Hello all gurus,

I have a long list of rules as below:

20 name:abc addr: WDW-THRESH:12 BW-OUT:10000000bps BW-IN:15000000bps STATSDEVICE:test247 STATS:Enabled (4447794/0) <IN OUT>
25 name:xyz160 addr: STATSDEVICE:test160 STATS:Enabled priority:pass-thru (1223803328/0) <IN OUT>
37 name:testgrp2 <B> WDW-THRESH:8 BW-BOTH:192000bps STATSDEVICE:econetgrp2 STATS:Enabled (0/0) <Group> START:NNNNNNN-255-0 STOP:NNNNNNN-255-0
62 name:blahblahl54 addr: WDW-THRESH:5 BWLINK:cbb256 BW-BOTH:256000bps STATSDEVICE:hellol54 STATS:Enabled (346918/77) <IN OUT>

Using SED or AWK or combination of both, can I get output like below:

20 15000000 10000000
37 192000
62 256000

Basically the rule number, followed by the value after BW-IN and followed by the value after BW-OUT
rule number, followed by the value BW-BOTH
just the rule number, if there are no BW-OUT, BW-IN and BW-BOTH

The rule line contains either BW-BOTH or BW-OUT and BW-IN. But never all three.

Thank you so much for your valuable time.


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Try this:
awk '
    if($i ~ "BW-"){
      s=s FS $i
{print s}' file

# 3  
$ awk -F"[: ]" '{out=$1; for(i=2;i<=NF;i++)if($i~/bps/){sub("bps","",$i);out=out" "$i} print out;out=""}' input.txt
20 10000000 15000000
37 192000
62 256000

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Thank you itkamaraj. It is working. But can you modify the script so that the value after BW-IN: is printed in the 2nd column.

20 15000000 10000000

The 1st col: rule number
The 2nd col: BW-IN value or the BW-BOTH value
The 3rd col: BW-OUT value

Thank you for your input.


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