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Awk FNR==NR question

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Old 06-19-2012
Awk FNR==NR question

awk -F'[ =]' 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2; next} {$1=a[$1]} 1' $useralias ${entries} >> ${entries}_2

Is there anyway to alter this command so that if it does not find a match it will just leave the line alone instead of replacing what it doesn't find with a blank space?
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Old 06-19-2012
awk -F'[ =]' 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2; next} $1 in a{$1=a[$1]} 1' $useralias ${entries} >> ${entries}_2

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Old 06-19-2012
Yep, that seems to of done it alright... Many thanks for your help..


Actually one more thing.. $1 is referencing a command like the following
/opt/Tivoli/lcf/dat/1/ stop
When I do the following awk command on a file for that line
awk -F= ' { print $2 } ' SUN_jd26_vintella.sudoers_cmndalias

I get that full line above which is what I want but if I run that
awk -F'[ =]' 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2; next} $1 in a{$1=a[$1]} 1' $useralias ${entries} >> ${entries}_2

it cuts off the stop part..

Not sure why

EDIT 2**
Meh, got it working by using the below..

awk -F'[ =]' 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2 " " $3; next} $1 in a{$1=a[$1]} 1' $useralias ${entries} >> ${entries}_2

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Old 06-28-2012
Apologies for the double post here...

Is there a way though to anchor whats being replaced.. For example I'm replacing an alias called IBM with what it matches in the $cmdfile but its also replacing anything in the file with that contains IBM as part of its string..

awk -F'[ =]' 'FNR==NR {a[$1]=$2; next} $4 in a{$4=a[$4]} 1' $cmdalias ${entries} >> ${entries}_2

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Old 06-28-2012
Could you give an example of input and desired output?

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