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How to Capture a Unix Terminal Session?

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Old 06-11-2012
MySQL How to Capture a Unix Terminal Session?

Hi All,

I want to capture all the operations performed in the terminal. So to achieve this I used “script” command. This works as I expected. But this command captures all the standard output which is redirected to terminal. For example if i “tail” a file, even the tail output is getting captured. But I want to capture only the commands not the output. I don't want to capture the Standard Output. Is there any way to capture only the commands that are typed in the terminal?


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Old 06-11-2012
.bash_history ??? (assuming you're working on bash)
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Old 06-11-2012
We checked bash_history but it is not going to store the information of which TTY has done the operation.
I want to automate this process, when ever user login to the terminal the command needs to be stored in some log file.

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