Write $line number into textfile and read from line number

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Old 06-08-2012
Write $line number into textfile and read from line number

Hello everyone,

I don't really know anything about scripting, but I have to manage to make this script, out of necessity.

while read -r line; do #I'm reading from a big wordlist
instructions using $line

Is there a way to automatically write the $line number the script is at into a separate textfile and read from the line number so that I won't have to start everything from scratch in case I have to stop the script?

Thank you very much !

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Old 06-08-2012
while read -r LINE #I'm reading from a big wordlist
       instructions using $LINE
       echo "CPT="$CPT > ~/interrupted_at_line.log #will be in your $HOME

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Old 06-08-2012
Thank you. It's working well: it tells me precisely at which line the script stopped.
But how do you start reading from this very line though?
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Old 06-08-2012
I think you will have to show what you are reading... Is it a file?
what format?
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Old 06-08-2012
It's a wordlist. utf8.
One word per line.

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Somebody helped me out (Santhosh). I'm going to copy paste the code here just in case someone needs it in the future.


TMP_FILE="/tmp/currentLineNumber"                         # a constant

current_line_count=0                                      # track the current line number


# Verify if we have already processed some stuff.
if [ -r "${TMP_FILE}" ]; then
  processed_lines_count=$(cat ${TMP_FILE})

while read -r line; do                                    # I 'm reading from a big wordlist

    # Skip processing till we reach the line that needs to be processed.

    if [ $current_line_count -le $processed_lines_count ]; then

      # do nothing as this line has already been processed
      current_line_count=$((current_line_count+1))        # increment the counter


    echo $current_line_count > ${TMP_FILE}                # cache the line number

    # perform your operations
    command1 using $line
    command2 using $line


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