running 2 shell jobs while waitting for result

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting running 2 shell jobs while waitting for result
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Old 05-23-2005
Error running 2 shell jobs while waitting for result


i'm trying to run from 3rd party program that runs RShell and waits for the job to be finished with a result / return code.

the problem is that my shell job is starting another shell job,
and when the secound job is starting, the first is finished and it returns to the program the first result ( it doesn't wait for the sec shell job ).

Is there a solution for this problem?

Eyal Smilie
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Old 05-23-2005
Look at the man page for the wait command.
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Old 05-23-2005
For an example of this in action, see my post in this thread.

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