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ssh sending local variable to remote system

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting ssh sending local variable to remote system
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ssh sending local variable to remote system

I am running a useradd script, which works locally but I want to take some of that local information and send it to a remote system, ssh keys are set up between the two systems. I am attaching the script, look at the section titled

"Sending information to FTP2"

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Removed attachment, added contents here

Enter username
read $username
check if username exists

Enter User Id
read userid
check if userid exists

Enter Password

Enter Homedirectory
Which filesystem will you be using nas_ftp4 or nas_ftp5

Is this an imaging account
ask if this is an Imaging Account

echo "Adding username"

echo "Changing Ownership of $username"s" home directory"
chown $username:ftp $HOMEDIR
echo "Done Changing Ownership"

echo "Changing file permissions of $username"s" home directory"
chmod 775 $HOMEDIR
echo "Done Changing file permissions"

echo "Adding $username to the jail group"
usermod -G jailed $username
echo "Done"

echo "Copying System files"
cp `ls /nas_ftp5/Customer/Troy/T_Skel/` $clar
echo "Done Coping System Files"

echo "Copying $username"s" password entry to home directory password file
tail -1 /etc/passwd > $HOMEDIR/etc/passwd
echo "Done Copying $username"s" password entry to home directory password file"

echo "Entering user name in /etc/ftpusers file"
echo $username >> /etc/ftpusers
echo "username has been entered into /etc/ftpusers file"

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