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Old 05-15-2012
Call function from another script

Hey, i got this 2 file. When i try to pick option 1, which is test1, it says ./test: test1: not found.
Any idea on how i can fix it?


`dirname $0`/testfile

while [ $QUIT -eq 0 ] ;
		read option
		case $option in
			1)	test1	;;
			2)	test2 ;;
			3)	echo "Exit"
			?)	echo "Invalid Option\n"

	echo "it's working yay"


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Old 05-15-2012
You need to source it:
. "$(dirname "$0")/testfile"

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Old 05-15-2012
Oh right that "." , no wonder i feel like im forgetting something.
Thanks a lot Scrutinizer
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