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Old 05-11-2012
perl regex issue

I find it really strange while writing a simple regex to match and print the matched string,

dibyajyo@fwtest:~ #perl -e '$x = "root@rashmi>"; print "matched string:$1\n" if ($x =~ /(root@rashmi)/);'
matched string:root

dibyajyo@fwtest:~ #perl -e '$x = "root@rashmi>"; print "matched string:$1\n" if ($x =~ /(root\@rashmi)/);'
dibyajyo@fwtest:~ #

can someone explain above why I am not getting "root@rashmi" here. I even tried all meta characters but non were able to extract the full string.

Any help is hugely appreciated.

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Old 05-11-2012
Hi, try:
$x = "root\@rashmi>"

@ is a special character.
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