Adding an additional blank field to a file

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Old 04-30-2012
Adding an additional blank field to a file

I have the following file, I'd like to add an additional blank field to this file
This is a tab delimited file, I have tried the same thing on excel, but looking for a unix solution.

Here is my input:
Country  Postal  Admin4  StreetBaseName  StreetType
HUN      2243    Kóka    Dózsa György   út
HUN      5475    Csépa   4511

I'm expecting this output:
Country  Postal  Admin4  HNO  StreetBaseName  StreetType
HUN      2243    Kóka        Dózsa György   út
HUN      5475    Csépa       4511

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Mod Comment Please use next time code tags for your code and data
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Old 04-30-2012
Is this file tab-separated?
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Old 04-30-2012
yes it is a tab seperated file
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Old 04-30-2012
You can "cheat" by putting two fields in one.

awk -v FS="\t" -v OFS="\t" 'NR==1 { $3=$3 "\tHNO"; print; next}; { $3=$3 "\t" ; print }' filename > outputfile

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