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awk or sed - Convert 2 lines to 1 line

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk or sed - Convert 2 lines to 1 line
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Old 04-27-2012
awk or sed - Convert 2 lines to 1 line


Just trying to get to grips with sed and awk for some reporting for work and I need some assistance:

I have a file that lists policy names on the first line and then on the second line whether the policy is active or not.

Policy Name:       Policy1
Active:            yes
Policy Name:       Policy2
Active:            yes
Policy Name:       Policy3
Active:            no
Policy Name:       Policy4
Active:            yes
Policy Name:       Policy5
Active:            no

What I'm trying to get to is a list of policy names and whether or not they are active on the same line:

Policy1 yes
Policy2 yes
Policy3 no
Policy4 yes
Policy5 no

Would appreciate any pointers.

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Old 04-27-2012
awk 'NR%2 {keep=$2; next}
       !NR%2 {print keep, $2} ' inputfile > outputfile

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Old 04-27-2012
Or if you are having problems with awk.
while read a b
   read c d
   echo $b $d
done <inputfile

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Old 04-27-2012

An alternate with sed , cut , paste:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# @(#) s1	Demonstrate combine lines fro specific column (field).

pe() { for _i;do printf "%s" "$_i";done; printf "\n"; }
pl() { pe;pe "-----" ;pe "$*"; }
db() { ( printf " db, ";for _i;do printf "%s" "$_i";done;printf "\n" ) >&2 ; }
db() { : ; }
C=$HOME/bin/context && [ -f $C ] && $C sed cut paste

pl " Input data file $FILE:"
cat -A $FILE

pl " Results of sed, cut, paste:"
sed 's/   */\t/g' $FILE |
cut -f2 |
paste - -

pl " Same thing, compressed with \"Process Substitution\":"
cut -f2 <( sed 's/   */\t/g' $FILE ) |
paste - -

exit 0

% ./s1

Environment: LC_ALL = C, LANG = C
(Versions displayed with local utility "version")
OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.26-2-amd64, x86_64
Distribution        : Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.8 (lenny) 
bash GNU bash 3.2.39
sed GNU sed version 4.1.5
cut (GNU coreutils) 6.10
paste (GNU coreutils) 6.10

 Input data file data1:
Policy Name:       Policy1$
Active:            yes$
Policy Name:       Policy2$
Active:            yes$
Policy Name:       Policy3$
Active:            no$
Policy Name:       Policy4$
Active:            yes$
Policy Name:       Policy5$
Active:            no$

 Results of sed, cut, paste:
Policy1	yes
Policy2	yes
Policy3	no
Policy4	yes
Policy5	no

 Same thing, compressed with "Process Substitution":
Policy1	yes
Policy2	yes
Policy3	no
Policy4	yes
Policy5	no

The sed converts 3 or more blanks to TABs, the cut extracts column (field) 2, and the paste combines 2 lines into one.

If the whitespace in the results does not show up on your display, rest assured that the tokens are separated by a TAB. You can copy and paste them to see it.

See man pages for details.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl

( edit 1: correct minor spelling errors )

Last edited by drl; 04-28-2012 at 12:25 PM..
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Old 04-28-2012
awk '{ORS=(ORS==RS)?FS:RS; print $NF}' infile

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Old 04-28-2012
Using cat, cut, tr and paste:

cat filename|cut -d':' -f2|tr -d ' '|paste -s -d" \n" -

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Old 04-28-2012
A perl:
perl -ne '/Policy Name:\s*(\S+)/;$pol=$1;print $pol." ".$1."\n" if /Active:\s*(\S+)/' infile

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