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Write result to output file

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Write result to output file

Good morning everybody,

Beeing an absolute newbie in shell scripting I would like to look for some help here.

I would like to read an external text file and format the data and write it to an output file.

What I was trying to do was to display the result (this worked).

But now I would like to write this result to a external file.

I would appreciate that some of you guys could help me out with this.

Here is what I did.

open(DAT, $data_file) || die("Could not open file!");
## Start input to the output file
print "\$H:CREATE";
print "\n";
print "\$H:hardcodeevalue,hardcodeevalue,hardcodeevalue,hardcodeevalue";
print "\n";
foreach $lineintheoriginalfile (@raw_data)
chomp($lineintheoriginalfile );
print "\$R:<PARENT>hardcodeevalue,${val1},,hardcodeevalue,,hardcodeevalue='':hardcodeevalue=${val2}:hardcodeevalue=${val3}:hardcodeevalue=${val4}:Profile=hardcodeevalue:A4KI=1:Model=hardcodeevalue:ADM=AA:Manufacturer=hardcodeevalue:OTA Key=1111 <CHILD>hardcodeevalue,${val5
print "\n";
print "\$F:";
#end input to the output file
print "\n";

the external file is similar to this

I hope it's clear Smilie

Thank's a lot,

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You can run the script and redirect its output in any desired file as below.
suppose my script name is and i want to save its output in file called output.log then:
./ >> output.log

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