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Finding standard deviation for all columns in a data file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Finding standard deviation for all columns in a data file
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Old 04-23-2012
Finding standard deviation for all columns in a data file

Hi All,

I want someone to modify the below script from this forum so that it can be used for all columns in the file( instead of only printing column 3 mean and standard deviation values). I don't know how to loop around all the columns.

awk '{ lines=FNR; arr[lines]=$3; sum+=$3}      END{ avg=sum/lines      sum=0;      for(i=1; i<=lines; i++)       	{ v=arr[i]-avg;       	  sum+= v*v       	}      printf("n=%d avg=%f  stddev=%f\n",             lines, avg, sqrt( sum/( lines - 1) ) ) } ' filename

Thanks a lot.

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Old 04-23-2012
{ lines=FNR; arr[lines]=$3; sum+=$3}

for x=1 to nf {
lines++ ;
arr[lines]=$x; sum+=$x ;

ie. Instead of forcing to use the third field, loop through the number of fields using the builtin variable NF. Note that lines is incremented for each value read in.

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Old 04-23-2012
I am getting syntax error.....

Hi Anantha,

I am getting syntax error after I modified the original script as below( by substituting your suggested portion of code).
Please correct the code so that it will run without any errors.

awk '{for x=1 to nf \
{lines++ ;arr[lines]=$x; sum+=$x ;}} \
END{ avg=sum/lines; sum=0; \    
 for(i=1; i<=lines; i++)  \
     	{ v=arr[i]-avg;  sum+= v*v }\
 printf("n=%d avg=%f  stddev=%f\n",lines, avg, sqrt( sum/( lines - 1) ) ) } ' filename

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Old 04-23-2012
Actually I posted the code so that you could try it out yourself.

What did you try? Post some test data and we will see.


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