Multiple pattern matching using awk and getting count of lines

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Old 04-17-2012
Multiple pattern matching using awk and getting count of lines

Hi ,

I have a file which has multiple rows of data, i want to match the pattern for two columns and if both conditions satisfied i have to add the counter by 1 and finally print the count value. How to proceed...

I tried in this way...
awk -F, 'BEGIN {cnt = 0} {if $6 == "VLY278" && substr($3,1,10) ~ /2012-04-15/  {cnt=cnt+1} } END {print cnt}' /tmp/p13_1.txt

but its not successful.
sample data is
PLI,*,2012-04-14 13:06:22,MG81-1334491568577766,1331,VLY278,ws_mob,NULL,33751059665,22377591192,22377591192,61,47,0,16,2012,04,15,1 3,06,2237,MALI PROPER ,1,2,NULL,0.171000,NULL,1,NULL,NULL,1,NULL,0,0.0
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Old 04-17-2012
Try this:

if requires () around expression so correct syntax for your solution.
awk -F, 'BEGIN {cnt = 0} {if($6 == "VLY278" && substr($3,1,10) ~ /2012-04-15/)  {cnt=cnt+1} } END {print cnt}' /tmp/p13_1.txt

Below is optimised version (date in data is 14 not 15)
awk -F, '$6=="VLY278" && $3 ~ /^2012-04-14*/ {cnt++} END {print cnt}' infile

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Old 04-17-2012

Thanks for the response....
can i use or condition as well in that

awk -F, '$6=="VLY278" || $6 == "VLY280" || $6 == "VLY366" || $6 == "TLY340" && $3 ~ /^2012-04-14*/ {cnt++} END {print cnt}' infile

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Old 04-17-2012
Yes, but it's probably best to use brackets around the or conditions to avoid confusion with operator precedence:

awk -F, '($6=="VLY278" || $6 == "VLY280" || $6 == "VLY366" || $6 == "TLY340") && $3 ~ /^2012-04-14*/ {cnt++} END {print cnt}' infile


awk -F, '$6 ~ /VLY278|VLY280|VLY366|TLY340/ && $3 ~ /^2012-04-14*/ {cnt++} END {print cnt}' infile

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Old 04-17-2012

The ouput contains very huge count value as compared to the actually expected output....

What could be the problem?
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Old 04-17-2012
Why not change cnt++ to print, it will then output each line that matches and this should help work out what it's matching.

You can also pipe this output to wc -l to confirm the count of matching lines.
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Old 04-17-2012
This part is wrong:

$3 ~ /^2012-04-14*/

You are using regex, not a shell glob. Smilie That would match 2012-04-1, since the 4 may be matched 0+ times. Drop the asterisks. or replace it with a space.
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