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Script not working after FTP

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script not working after FTP
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Old 04-11-2012
Script not working after FTP

Hi Gurus,

I prepared a script to process some files and then ftp the output file to mainframe directory. Here is the code snippet for the same.

# Perform FTP

    echo "put $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE '$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE'" >> $LogFile

    ftp -i -n <<EOF >> $LogFile
    open $FTP_HOST
    cd $K
    cd $F
    cd $I
    cd $K1
    cd $RUN_TYPE


    put $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE '$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE'




            if [ $RC -eq 0 ] ; then
               echo "Successfully FTP'd $K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE to ${FTP_HOST}" >> $LogFile
               echo "Error! while trying to FTP." >> $LogFile
               exit 1

Script works fine and is able to FTP the file. However the execution stops after that even though there is some processing needs to be done after the file transfer. For example, below code needs to be after executed after the FTP. But for some reason, script exits from the operation and log file shows the entries only till FTP initiation.

printf "FTP'd $K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE to Host:$FTP_HOST" | mailx -send -s "Process has completed on $DOMAIN and the output file has been FTP'd" `echo ${Alertlist_All}`

rm $SRC_DR/sample.txt $TGT_DR/$K.$F.$I.$K1.$RUN_TYPE

echo "`date` : End of xxx.ksh script execution" >> $LogFile
echo "=============================================================================================================================" >> $LogFile

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Old 04-11-2012
This is wrong:

It needs to be:

You cannot indent the ending-tag of a here-document. (The special kind which can needs to be indented with tabs, and is confusing to use, so I don't recommend it.)
This User Gave Thanks to Corona688 For This Post:
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Old 04-11-2012
It works!

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