Removing special characters - Control M

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Removing special characters - Control M

I have developed a small script to remove the Control M characters that get embedded when we move any file from Windows to Unix. For some reason, its not working in all scenarios. Some times I still see the ^M not being removed. Is there anything missing in the script:

cd ${inputDir}
lCountAll=$(find . | wc -l)
doclist=$(find .)
for v in $doclist
        echo "\n Scan file:"$v
        lc=$(od -t x1 $v | grep '0d 0a' | wc -l)        
        if [ $lc -ne 0 ];
                lCountFixed=`expr ${lCountFixed} + 1`
                cat ${docname} | col -b > tep
                mv tep ${docname}
                chmod 755 ${docname}
                echo "    Fixed file:"$v

Any inputs please why the 'col -b' does not work all times?
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Why reinvent the wheel? Try
dos2unix filename

# 3  
do2unix also did not work sometimes. So, we had to write a custom script.
# 4  

if [[ -z "$1" ]]; then
   echo "Usage: ${0##*/} filename-to-convert"
   exit 1

tr -d $CR < $1 > $newfile
echo "Original DOS text file is \"$1\"."
echo "Converted Linux text file is \"$newfile\"."

# 5  
tr -d '\r' < file

# 6  
thank you all for your inputs
# 7  
For in-place editing:
sed -i 's/<CTRL+V+M>//g' inputfile

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