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bash script - sftpbatchfile - stop on failure

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Old 04-04-2012
Question bash script - sftpbatchfile - stop on failure

Hello all,

I am currently writing a script to send files to a server over sftp. When the sftp put command succeeds it wil preform a local move from within the sftp shell to another folder (this is done so when the script is rerun no doubles will be sent).
therefore i had following sollution

for FILE in `ls -tr $tbtsftp`; do
    echo "put "$FILE
    echo "cd "$remotepath_VAN >> $commandlist
    echo "put "$FILE >> $commandlist
    echo "!echo STOP > "$SFTPCHECK_PUT_RM >> $commandlist
    echo "!rm -f "$FILE
    echo "!rm -f "$FILE >> $commandlist
    echo "!echo OK > "$SFTPCHECK_PUT_RM >> $commandlist

echo "Executing commandlist over sftp"
sftp $sftplogon@$sftpserver -b $commandlist 2>&1

so basically first i put the file over sftp and then create a checkfile (for a following script) followed by the remove (again the checkfile will be overwritten here)
This would work perfectly if the sftpshell (or even this whole script for that matter) would stop and go in error on a failed !rm or put. This is not the case however. After the !rm fails (just tested) it just continues to put the next file.
the whole idea is that the following script would check the content of the generated checkfile and based on its content it will send us a message saying to check manually because the local remove failed.
Also i was ordered not to make a separate connection for each file (so the sftp batch is in fact nescessary)

I hope someone can help because this problem is driving me crazy.
Also i already tried the set -e option at the beginning of this script but this doesnt appear to work for an sftp batch.

thx in advance.

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Old 04-04-2012
You could always have the tests and control external. If you have SFTP working, can you also SSH login to the same server as that account? Perhaps a controlling local script could put a single file with SFTP, then an audit and rename could be done by an SSH connection where you can then recognise errors.

Does that idea help?

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Old 04-04-2012
sftp rm should abort on fail, according to the man page:
-b batchfile
Batch mode reads a series of commands from an input batchfile instead of stdin. Since it lacks user interaction it should be used in conjunction with non-interactive authentication. A batchfile of - may be used to indicate standard input. sftp will abort if any of the following commands fail: get, put, rename, ln, rm, mkdir, chdir, ls, lchdir, chmod, chown, chgrp, lpwd and lmkdir. Termination on error can be suppressed on a command by command basis by prefixing the command with a - character (for example, -rm /tmp/blah*).
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Old 04-04-2012
You could always have the tests and control external. If you have SFTP working, can you also SSH login to the same server as that account?
That would indeed work, except the only problem i have is that the server we send this to is a 3rth party server to which only sftp connection from our side is allowed.
On top of that the directory where we put the files (the only one we can put the files) has some service running on it that picks up the files and put them somewhere else. This pickup happens as soon as i put the file there. So i really need to be able to preform the check from my side only.

Another idea i have is to use

echo "!rm -f "$FILE >> $commandlist
echo "!echo "$?" > "$SFTPCHECK_PUT_RM >> $commandlist

but i am currently testing this :-)

thx for the response but no solution yet.

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sftp rm should abort on fail, according to the man page:
i know. It is what I would have expected, only it continues as you can see in the output after i changed the rights on the files
Executing commandlist over sftp

sftp> cd /home/JOBANT/VAN_SIM/
sftp> put 5414488000301.5414488000004.A00930185.CONTRL.edi
Uploading 5414488000301.5414488000004.A00930185.CONTRL.edi to  /home/JOBANT/VAN_SIM/5414488000301.5414488000004.A00930185.CONTRL.edi
sftp> !rm -f 5414488000301.5414488000004.A00930185.CONTRL.edi
rm: cannot remove `5414488000301.5414488000004.A00930185.CONTRL.edi': Permission denied
Shell exited with status 1

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Old 04-04-2012
!rm is excuting a shell command though, is it not? As opposed to sftp's builtin.

Theory only, haven't tried it myself Smilie.
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Old 04-04-2012
Originally Posted by CarloM
!rm is excuting a shell command though, is it not? As opposed to sftp's builtin.

Theory only, haven't tried it myself Smilie.
!rm file

is what you do when trying to remove a local file while in an sftp shell. (hope i'm saying this right)
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Old 04-04-2012
Yes - I was confusing my local and remotes...

EDIT: Although it would work (abort) if you ran it the other way Smilie.

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