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How to accomplished to run zenity in cronjob?

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How to accomplished to run zenity in cronjob?


I would like to ask some few questions about zenity. I write a script that would generate a report if any changes on the files. i want to used zenity to had a visual alarm report if theres some changes on the comparisons of the file.I used this line of zenity but it doesn't work in cronjob. I terminal windows it works fine(the scripts and the zenity line)

cat /home/user/tmp/change_report_file | /usr/bin/zenity --text-info --title="Package Change Report" --width=800 --height=300 > /dev/null 2>&1 &

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How did the 'visual alarm' work? Did it pop up a window? Usually you're not able to do that without an actual login, something cron doesn't give you, but it might be arranged by other means.
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Thanks for the speedy response..

@Corona688: by the way it is a laptop machine, i setup the scripts to run during the time i usually used it. What i want is to pop up a window which contain the output of the "cat <dir>/report file"

Attach are the output of the pop up window when i run in terminal.
How to accomplished to run zenity in cronjob?-zenitypng
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I just offered a solution on another forum not 1.5 hours ago. Smilie
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@Habitual: Thanks for your reply but i believe you miss understand me about your answer in the other furom.

I found my answer on this link " Running X apps on crontab"

what i did was i add the --display=:0.0 option in the zenity
cat /home/jao/tmp/zenity | /usr/bin/zenity --text-info --title="Package Change Report" --width=800 --height=300 --display=:0.0

others recommend to add something in the .bashrc since my solution doesn't work to them is enable the scripts to had access to the x session which i didn't try like this one

add this on ~/.bashrc
[[ $DISPLAY ]] && /usr/bin/xhost +localhost

in the crontab
* * * * * export DISPLAY='localhost:0.0' bash /script_with_zenity

or in the bashrc edit and replace the following
  xhost + >& /dev/null (to/with) xhost local:arrange > /dev/null

Thanks for the input everyone..
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