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print out missing files in a sequence

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Old 03-30-2012
print out missing files in a sequence

Hello all,

I have several directories with a sequence of files like this

I would like to print out the name of the file that is missing.

I currently have the following ineffecient way to do this and wondering if you would suggest me a better way to do this in multiple directories.

ls -1 *.dcm | awk -F"-" '{print $3}' > ori.txt

[]$ cat ori.txt 

Create another list with all files that are supposed to be there

[]$ cat main.txt 

[]$ diff ori.txt main.txt 
> 0003.dcm

It would be good if I could display the full name of the missing file.


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Old 03-30-2012
The trouble with detecting holes in sequences is, how do you detect a hole at the beginning, or the end? Unless you really do know what files are supposed to be there, you're going to be reduced to guessing in some situations no matter what.

Will there ever be more than one sequence in this folder, or just the one?
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Old 03-30-2012
This can detect some kinds of sequences. It assumes anything with digits and an extension is part of a sequence, and tells different sequences apart from the string before the last set of digits and the extension. It doesn't need the files in sorted order.

$ cat missing.awk

X=match($0, /[0-9]+\.[^.]*$/) {
        Y=match($0, /\.[^.]*$/);
        PFIX=substr($0, 0, X-1); # IM-0001-
        EXT=substr($0, Y);        # .dcm
        VAL=substr($0, X, Y-X); # 0003

        # To check if the number of digits is changing.

        # The +0 is to guarantee a numeric sort, not alphabetic, so "01" < "2".
        if((!SMIN[PFIX,EXT]) || (SMIN[PFIX,EXT]>(VAL+0))) SMIN[PFIX,EXT]=VAL+0;
        if((!SMAX[PFIX,EXT]) || (SMAX[PFIX,EXT]<(VAL+0))) SMAX[PFIX,EXT]=VAL+0;

        for(X in SMAX)

                split(X, A, SUBSEP);
                PFIX=A[1];      EXT=A[2];

                for(Z in DIGITS)
                        split(Z, A, SUBSEP);
                        if((A[1] != PFIX) || (A[2] != EXT)) continue;
                        if(A[3] > DMAX) DMAX=A[3];

                if(DC == 1)     CMDSTR="%0" DMAX "d"
                else            CMDSTR="%d"

                for(N=SMIN[X]+0; N<=(SMAX[X]+0); N++)
                        VAL=sprintf(CMDSTR, N);
                                print "Missing", PFIX VAL EXT;

$ touch IM-0001-{0001..0005}.dcm file-{8..15}.dat
$ rm IM-0001-0003.dcm file-9.dat file-11.dat
$ ls | awk -f missing.awk
Missing file-9.dat
Missing file-11.dat
Missing IM-0001-0003.dcm


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Old 03-31-2012
Alternatively try this less general approach:
printf "%s\n" *.dcm | awk -F'[-.]' '$3>p+1{for(i=p+1;i<$3;i++){s=$0; sub($3"."$4,sprintf("%04d",i)"."$4,s); print s}}{p=$3}'

This assumes that all files have a fixed length, zero-padded counter in the third field, that they have an extension in the fourth field and that all fields (and field separators) other than the third field are identical. This also ensures wildcard expansion is in the right order..

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Old 04-02-2012
Thanks a lot for your help guys.

Scrutinizer: It works great. I will used the code tages from next time on..

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