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bash:getopts command help

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bash:getopts command help

How can I say one of the options is required? can I use an if statement?
let say:
while getopts ":c:u:fp" opt; do
  case $opt in
    c)    echo "-c was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    u)    echo "-u was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    f)    echo "-u was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    p)    echo "-u was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    \?)    echo "Invalid option: -$OPTARG" >&2;exit 1;;
    *)    echo "Option -$OPTARG requires an argument." >&2;exit 1;;

Now I need to see if user requested one of the options -c or -u. it is necessary for the code.
if statement like the following wouldn't work:
if [ $opt != "c" ] then
    echo "./script: Must select : -u or -c"
    exit 1

# 2  
while getopts ":c:u:fp" opt; do
  case $opt in
    c)    ctrue=Y && echo "-c was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    u)    utrue=Y && echo "-u was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    f)    echo "-f was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    p)    echo "-p was triggered, Parameter: $OPTARG" >&2;;
    \?)    echo "Invalid option: -$OPTARG" >&2;exit 1;;
    *)    echo "Option -$OPTARG requires an argument." >&2;exit 1;;
# if C was entered or U was entered (and both cannot be Y or N ) this cannot be true
if [ "$utrue" = "$ctrue" ]; then
  echo 'bad parameters'
  echo 'required parameter entered'

Made one or two other minor changes in the echo statements.
This User Gave Thanks to jim mcnamara For This Post:
# 3  
I have this:
# Argument = -t test -r server -p password -v usage()
  cat << EOF
usage: $0 options
 This script run the test1 or test2 over a machine.
    -h        Show this message
    -t        Test type, can be ‘test1′ or ‘test2′
    -r        Server address
    -p        Server root password
    -v        Verbose
while getopts “ht:r:p:v” OPTION
      case $OPTION in
                  exit 1
 if [[ -z $TEST ]] || [[ -z $SERVER ]] || [[ -z $PASSWD ]]
      exit 1

when I run any other options it gives me the message:
./myscript: illegal option -- r
This is controlled by the command not my script and I don't have such a message. How can I get rid of that error?

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haha! I found the problem. it was wrong quotation!

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