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sed make me headache... need help!

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed make me headache... need help!
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Old 04-08-2005
sed make me headache... need help!

I've still a little problem with sed.
So, the content of my file.txt is like: > > > > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net.4391: > bzq-130-119-40.pop.bezeqint.com.23373: > dhcp024-320-77-020.woh.rr.gr.32341:
server.2391 >
server.2391 > google.com.www:
server.writesrv >
server.xinuexpansion > gregor.ngu.com.www:

And i want only to delete the port, like so: > > > > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net > bzq-130-119-40.pop.bezeqint.com > dhcp024-320-77-020.woh.rr.gr
server >
server > google.com
server >
server > gregor.ngu.com

Delete the ip address is easy but only the port is hard...
sed 's/\.*> //' file.txt
I don't see how to do that!
Has someone an idea?

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Old 04-08-2005
What about this?

testcn@bernardchan testcn$ sed -ne 's/\([^ ]*\)\.[0-9A-Za-z]\+/\1/g; s/:$//; p' < /tmp/file.txt > > > > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net > bzq-130-119-40.pop.bezeqint.com > dhcp024-320-77-020.woh.rr.gr
server >
server > google.com
server >
server > gregor.ngu.com

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Old 04-08-2005
Single command:

sed 's/\(.*\)[.][0-9]* > \(.*\)[.][0-9a-z]*:/\1 > \2/' yourfile > yournewfile

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Old 04-11-2005
Hi reborg

Great it worksSmilie... Thankx a lot!
Could you please explain me, why the expression \(.*\)[.][0-9]* doesn't take the port number? Is the bracket \(\) egal to \{\}?

rg nymus
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Old 04-11-2005
It's probably easier if I explain the whole line:

sed 's/\(.*\)[.][0-9]* > \(.*\)[.][0-9a-z]*:/\1 > \2/' yourfile > yournewfile

I'll illustreate with this line: > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net.4391:

\(.*\) matches any expression and stores it -->
[.][0-9]* matches a '.' followed by a number --> .1069
" > " matches the space > space in the middle
\(.*\) matches any expression and stores it --> tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net
[.][0-9a-z]*: matches a '.' followed by any number of numbers or lowercase letters followed by a ':' --> .4391:

\1 > \2 first stored value followed by > followed by the second stored value --> > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net

Since I only stored the two hostname/ipaddress fields, but matched the entire line I then replace the entire input line by the two stored values and a ">" between them and the output becomes: > tpo68-96-22-1.no.no.cox.net
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Old 04-12-2005
Thank you for your explanation! Now it's very clear, i understood well.
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