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File count for symlink using find command

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File count for symlink using find command

Hi Guys,
The script which I am using works really good for finding the file count for files that are not symlink. I know I can use find command like:
find . -type l | wc -l

This way I can get filecount of the symlink but is there a one liner to use -type l and -type f option ? That is what if the directory as both symlink and real files, than I would need a total count for both.
Thanks in advance.
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find . '(' -type l -o -type f ')' | wc -l

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will this help:

ls -lR 2>/dev/null | grep -v ^d | wc -l

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what if the directory as both symlink and real files
An inode cannot be both a Symbolic Link and a Directory.
An inode cannot be both a Symbolic Link and a File.

Please post an example of what you are looking for in the form:
ls -lisad directory_name

Btw. A file can be both a Hard Link and a Regular File.

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Thanks to others and special one to Corona688.

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