Creating Printing Program in bash

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Creating Printing Program in bash


I am trying to create a bash script to print whatever i type in

It has to have these below to define the size of the label and what size to print the text
A100,10,0,5,2,2,N," "

It has to be sent to below
> /dev/usblp0

So what it has to be is

Written Text ----> sent to printer

and i want to be able to write what i want to print

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!Smilie

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Any printer which understands postscript or PCL can also understand raw text so perhaps, at its very simplest, you could do:

sed 's/$/\r/n' >/dev/usblp0

When run in a terminal, sed will read from the keyboard, convert \n into \r\n, and print it back out into /dev/usblp0.

When you're finished typing, hit control-D to tell sed the document is finished and to quit. You may not see any printing happen until you do, unless you have an old-fashioned tractor feed printer. Even for those, you won't see any printing until you finish a line with enter...
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What I dont get is what do you mean by written text sent to printer...
The rest:
You put the desired sequence in a file, you send it to the printer ... then ? see above...
I would use an alias for setting the printer, like that you could have a few settings you would call before to print...
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i dont want to save a file and then use that code every time i just want to be able to type then print because i have like a thousand codes to print
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Why not type the thousands of things into one big file, then? Smilie Then just print the big file.

I suspect if you explained exactly what you're doing better, we could find better ways to do it.
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Sorry im not that good at explaning my self
I have a lp 2844 label printer and i have to print stickers out with a code on each of them for items that are going to be stored so i can keep track of them in an excel file
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You want to generate numbered stickers?

How do you usually use this printer? It may be proprietary app-specific, and may be easier to use it than try and write a whole printing system from scratch.

This printer apparently speaks EPL2
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