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Problem copying files from windows to unix

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Problem copying files from windows to unix
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Old 03-06-2012
Problem copying files from windows to unix


I want some directions for a command inside a shell script which would copy files from some path on my windows os (say my documents) to the path where my shell script is saved and I want it to exit the sftp session and continue executing the remaining lines in my shell script after copying.

I am able to connect to other servers using
Sftp $hostname $username and I can specify my files to be copied inside <<eof but that allowsme to copy files from $username $hostname to the current user from which I execute the script but now I want to copy files from some path on my windows os like my documents for instance.

Please help.
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Old 03-06-2012
If you want to run ftp or sftp on windows, you'll have to start daemons for them, it won't just happen to have them running.

Same for file shares. You must actually open up file shares to have file shares open.

How to access these shares from UNIX depends on your OS.
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Old 03-06-2012
It does happen

Thanks corona for replying. I use secure CRT for my shells. If im not wrong, there is an option of connecting every tab thro sftp when v choose alt+p from our shell or right click on our shell tab and choose connect in sftp tab from the options.

It opens an sftp session with my documents as my local pwd and the home path of the user for which I connect in sftp tab as the remote pwd and I can use get and put commands to transfer files either way. That does work, but my problem now is that I invoke the sftp command manually to some server which makes the user from which I invoke the sftp command as my loped and the user to which I take the sftp command as my rpwdor vice versa.

Now I want to trap the command to create an sftp connection btw windows and my current shell user which is invoked when I use alt+p.

Thanks in advance

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