reading a script and summing some values

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Old 03-02-2012
reading a script and summing some values

I need help reading and summing some values in a file that looks like the following. This is an Oracle trace file. Oracle has as utility to do this,but it doesn't work properly unless my sql statement is done. I want to read the file and sum up some values to let me know how the query/job is progressing.

Here is an example
WAIT #5: nam='db file sequential read' ela= 384 file#=1790 block#=218096 blocks=1 obj#=408307 tim=8732259543169

The nam= value can vary.

I want to sum up the following
nam = '(this can vary)'

So that would be the group by.

Then i want to sum up the number

for each of the above. Note, that the number of blocks can be higher than 1. so its not just summing the number of rows and the nam= can be alot of different things.

but I only want to do this type of summation if there is a blocks=, some nam, so not have them and id want to handle that differently.

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