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Get Permissions and save to data

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Old 02-26-2012
Get Permissions and save to data

Hi all;

I have the following code which gives me kind of what I need:

use Fcntl ':mode';
if ($ARGV[0] ne "") {
$filename = $ARGV[0];
} else {
print "Please specify a file!\n";
if (($dev,$ino,$mode,$nlink,$uid,$gid,$rdev,$size,$atime,$mtime,$ctime,$blksize,$blocks) = lstat($filename)) {
$user = getpwuid($uid);
$group = getgrgid($gid);
$ftypes[S_IFDIR] = "d";
$ftypes[S_IFCHR] = "c";
$ftypes[S_IFBLK] = "b";
$ftypes[S_IFREG] = "-";
$ftypes[S_IFIFO] = "p";
$ftypes[S_IFLNK] = "l";
$ftypes[S_IFSOCK] = "s";
$permissions = sprintf "%04o", S_IMODE($mode);
$filetype = S_IFMT($mode);
$ftype = $ftypes[$filetype];
print "File: $filename\n";
printf "File mode: %o (%d)\n", $mode, $mode;
printf "File type: %s (%o)\n", $ftype, $filetype;
print "File permissions: $permissions\n";
print "File size: $size\n";
print "File owner user: $user\n";
print "File group: $group\n";
} else {
print "Please specify an EXISTING file!\n";

And this is how it works:
root@ubuntu:/usr/include# /tmp/ /tmp/
File: /tmp/
File mode: 100755 (33261)
File type: - (100000)
File permissions: 0755
File size: 918
File owner user: greys
File group: greys

But what I really need is to:
1. find only directories and files with 777 permission on HP and Linux servers; so I want one script where I can ssh to each server and grab a listing of all 777 dir\files and put them in a comma delimited file
2.After getting the data into the file I need to then write it to a MySQL DB called audit into a table called myperms; I need to do this for about 25 servers
3. In Type; if it's a dir the script does put a "d" and that's what I want written to the table but I want "f" if it's a file not an "-".

I am failry new to perl; however I know how to connect to my MySQL and open a file to get data. My shorcomings in Perl though is that I do not know how to write data into a table. Also I do not know how I can modify the abaove script to start checking from the root "/" and go through the entitre to get all server (a loop maybe?)

Here's a sample of some server names that you can use.
gmpsrv, mmmsrv, fidsrv

Hope someone can help me out.
Thanks all in advance


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Old 02-26-2012
If you want to search the entire file system on each of a set of hosts, then this small bit of a script will generate a (potentially long) comma separated list of files/directories which have a permission setting of 777. The first field of the list is the hostname.

for host in host1 host2 host3
    printf "%s " $host
    ssh $host find / -perm 0777 | awk '{printf( ",%s", $0 );} END { printf( "\n" ); }'
done >/tmp/list_777

I don't do SQL, so I cannot help with getting this loaded into any kind of DB, but this might get you started.
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Old 02-26-2012
Thanks..I will give it a try...can anyone else please help with the MySQL part?


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