Help: How to convert this bash+awk script in awk script only?

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Old 02-17-2012
Help: How to convert this bash+awk script in awk script only?

This is the final first release of the dynamic menu generator for pekwm (WM).

function param_val {
    awk "/^${1}=/{gsub(/^${1}="'/,""); print; exit}' $2
echo "Dynamic {" 
for CF in `ls -c1 /usr/share/applications/*.desktop`
    name=$(param_val Name $CF)

    executable=$(param_val Exec $CF)

    icon=$(param_val Icon $CF)

    categories=$(param_val Categories $CF | awk -F ";" '{print $1}')

    echo " Entry = \"$name\" { Actions = \"Exec $executable\" }"

echo "}"

Someone could help to convert this script on awk only?
While maintain the same clearity as now with this hybrid combination of bash+awk?

I decide to split it for maintain the discussion more clear, with an initial problem and with a final end.
So now i ask only one question each time.
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Old 02-18-2012
#! /bin/sh

awk '
	if ( NR>1 ) {
		print "}"
	print "Dynamic {"
/^Name=/ && name==0 {
	sub("^Name="," Entry = ")
/^Exec=/ && exec==0 {
	sub("^Exec="," Action = \"")
	print $0 "\""

	print "}"
' /usr/share/applications/*

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Old 02-18-2012
I left out icon and category, since they weren't being printed:
awk -F= '
   BEGIN{print "Dynamic {"} 
   name && executable{
     print " Entry = " name " { Actions = \"Exec " executable "\" }"
   END{print "}"}
' /usr/share/applications/*.desktop

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Old 02-20-2012
Thanks for the attempt but i prefer an awk script only. Don't a awk script that is launched from a bash script.
Probably Icon will be few useful but i need Categories because, once is clear, with your help how is possible convert the initial script (in particular how convert the function param_val (after try few days without success ... Smilie) and Categories ... later, i will make an attempt of using associative array for build a menu with submenu.
But until i don't known how resolve the initial issue, i'm stopped. Smilie
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