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directory structure & file permisson comparison

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting directory structure & file permisson comparison
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Old 02-14-2012
Power directory structure & file permisson comparison

Hi - I want to compare permissions of the directory structure and files beneath it with permissions one week back on same directory structure and files beneath it. if any changes to permissions of any file or directory permissions send an email. I am not sure how to list the permissions of all directories and its sub directories and files beneath it. once I get that I can use diff to compare the file permission with one week back file permission and send out email. I am not sure if there any other smart way to do that.

OS : RHEL 5.6
Directory is /u01 ( /u01/app/product/11.2/dbhome) this has many sub directories and files
Looks like there is mtree option which is not installed on system.
Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks Smilie
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Old 02-15-2012
I would think that find /some/path -ls would give you enough information to do what you want.

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