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need a one liner to grep a group info from /etc/group and use that result to search passwd file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting need a one liner to grep a group info from /etc/group and use that result to search passwd file
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Old 02-08-2012
need a one liner to grep a group info from /etc/group and use that result to search passwd file


lp:x:71:8:Line Printer Admin:/usr/spool/lp:
uucp:x:5:5:uucp Admin:/usr/lib/uucp:
nuucp:x:9:9:uucp Admin:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/lib/uucp/uucico

Now i need to search for tiadm group and then extract the users in that group and use it to find their info in password file

Please suggest some one liner. I am using solaris box

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My try..

grep 'tiadm' /etc/group | awk -F: '{print $4}' | awk F, {print $1} --> after this i am blank

after this i am not sure how to use it.

i can do this with shell script but i am searching for one liner
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Old 02-08-2012
There could be more efficient ways. But I'm just extending your attempt to a working solution:
grep `grep 'tiadm' /etc/group  | awk -F: '{print $4}' | awk -F, '{print $1}'` /etc/passwd

Here's another:
grep `grep 'tiadm' /etc/group  | sed 's/.*:\([^,]*\),.*/\1/'` /etc/passwd

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Old 02-08-2012
well that will just print password user information of one user.
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Old 02-08-2012
One awk:
awk -F: 'NR==FNR && $1==g{split($4,T,","); for(i in T) U[T[i]]; next} $1 in U' g=tiadm /etc/group /etc/passwd

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Old 02-08-2012
Now i need to search for tiadm group and then extract the users in that group and use it to find their info in password file
Wonder what you mean by "their info"?

If it's just the login name:
logins -g tiadm | awk '{print $1}'

If it's everything available and in a machine-readable format:
logins -xtog tiadm

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Old 02-08-2012
Thanks scrutinizer code works..

Thanks metyl i didnt know a system command could do the work Smilie
one more query,i have seen in the password logins doesnt give correct information. i used to depend on passwd -s command to know the status.
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Old 02-08-2012
The "logins" command does give the correct information about password status etc and you get more information than "passwd -s". Just beware of the date format (mmddyy).

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