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Execution problems with scripting

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Old 01-31-2012
Execution problems with scripting

I am new to scripting.I had one problem infront of me.I tried in many ways with minimal knowledge........Kindly help me.

I want a shell script where it has to read an input.txt file and need to remove duplicate lines and the result need to kept in output.txt file.

input file example:


As above my input file looks ,the first 10 digits seperated by delimiter ,repeted 2 times are more.script need to delete such repeated lines keeping any one above example 1974929729 is repeted 2 the second nee to input file contains more than 25k lines.
Expected output.txt:

Appreciated your help Smilie

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Old 01-31-2012
Use sort with the -u option to show only unique lines

sort -u <filename> > outputfile.txt

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Old 01-31-2012
Use sort with the -u option to show only unique lines
Does not match specification or the data samples in post #1. (Lines 1 and 3 are not identical. Only the key field is identical).
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Old 01-31-2012
Try this:

( was before edit )
cat input.txt | tr ',' ' ' | sort -u -k1,1

( after edit)
tr ',' ' ' < input.txt | sort -u -k1,1 | tr ' ' ','

As for your example:

$ cat input.txt 

$ tr ',' ' ' < input.txt | sort -u -k1,1 | tr ' ' ','

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Old 02-02-2012
awk -F , '!a[$1]++' input.txt

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Old 02-03-2012
Problem solved.

Thanks much to all.


Special thanks.Your code perfectly suited to my problem..Smilie

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