script to tail file; problem with awk and special characters

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script to tail file; problem with awk and special characters

Trying to use code that I found to send only new lines out of a log file by doing:
while :; do
temp=$(tail -1 logfile.out)
awk "/$last/{p=1}p" logfile.out  #pipe this to log analyzer program
sleep 10

Script works fine when logfile is basic text, but when it contains characters that have brackets and slashes, the awk command has issues:
awk: fatal: Invalid range end: /[15C8:01E6-0258] 01/

Here is sample data in log:
[15C8:01EB-1DF8] 01/24/2012 08:03:43 AM Open session 
[15C8:01EB-0310] 01/24/2012 08:03:43 AM  Closed session 
[11A8:000F-06F4] 01/24/2012 08:03:44 AM  Router: Message 0047BCE8 delivered to
[15C8:01EB-1660] 01/24/2012 08:03:44 AM  Opened session 
[15C8:01E6-0258] 01/24/2012 08:03:44 AM  Closed session for

I have tried different ways of putting quotes around the last variable, but does not work or breaks script in different way. Any awk experts have suggestions?

Thx. Moo.

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Another way :
while :
    Line=$(wc -l < moo.txt)
    awk "NR>$Last {p=1}p" moo.txt #pipe this to log analyzer program
    sleep 10

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thx jean-Pierre. I added the if statement to your code to handle if log file gets truncated/rolled/etc....
while : do     
Line=$(wc -l < moo.txt)
    if [ $Line -lt $Last ]     
    awk "NR>$Last {p=1}p" moo.txt #pipe this to log analyzer program     
sleep 10 

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