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Issues when dividing

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Old 01-23-2012
Issues when dividing

I do have a very simple task to divide 2 variables and display the result.
I CANNOT use bc
when i try
var3=$(($var1 / $var2))
echo $var3

the output is always 0
What can I change to get a dotted decimal result such as 0.5 ?

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Old 01-23-2012
How about using awk:

var3=$(awk "BEGIN { print $var1 / $var2 }" /dev/null)
echo $var3

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Old 01-23-2012
Thanks a lot. That works!
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Old 01-25-2012
Just curious. Why can't you use bc?
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Old 01-25-2012
you can achieve that using bc as follows
$ echo " scale=3;2/4"|bc -l


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Old 01-25-2012
If you are using ksh93 (or another shell that supports typeset), declare variables to be floats and save the overhead of calling awk:


# Declare variables as floats.
typeset -F var1=2
typeset -F var2=4

# Declare answer to hold a float with 1 decimal point.
typeset -F1 var3=$(( $var1 / $var2 ))

echo $var3

exit 0

$ float_test

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