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Old 03-10-2005
Hammer & Screwdriver customizing desktop

I need help editing my openwin file. I've got it all set up so the options I normally use (xman, cmdtools, xeyes, printtool) automatically come up when I log on, but it won't read my -geometry entries. I got them by right-clicking on the desktop, but apparently they need to be entered a certain way??

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Cygwin's default package selection is quite small, containing little more than the bash shell and the core file manipulation utilities expected of a Unix command line.
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XEYES(1)						      General Commands Manual							  XEYES(1)

xeyes - a follow the mouse X demo SYNOPSIS
xeyes [-option ...] DESCRIPTION
Xeyes watches what you do and reports to the Boss. OPTIONS
-fg foreground color choose a different color for the pupil of the eyes. -bg background color choose a different color for the background. -outline outline color choose a different color for the outline of the eyes. -center center color choose a different color for the center of the eyes. -backing { WhenMapped Always NotUseful } selects an appropriate level of backing store. -geometry geometry define the initial window geometry; see X(7). -display display specify the display to use; see X(7). -bd border color choose a different color for the window border. -bw border width choose a different width for the window border. -shape uses the SHAPE extension to shape the window. This is the default. +shape disables use of the SHAPE extension to shape the window. -render uses Xrender to draw anti-aliased eyes. This is the default if xeyes has been compiled with Xrender support. +render disables Xrender and draws traditional eyes. -distance uses an alternative mapping, as if the eyes were set back from the screen, thus following the mouse more precisely. SEE ALSO
X(7), X Toolkit documentation See X(7) for a full statement of rights and permissions. AUTHOR
Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium Copied from the NeWS version written (apparently) by Jeremy Huxtable as seen at SIGGRAPH '88 X Version 11 xeyes 1.1.1 XEYES(1)

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