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If/then problems

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Old 01-12-2012
If/then problems

#! /bin/bash

# ask what the user would like to do



echo -n "What would you like to do??

    Please enter a command
    ct = program ctek
    ws = weather station
    cc = config combiner
    cr = config rec101
    cm = ctek minicom
    mr = metered unit
    sc = Sub-Combiner

read -e CMD
if [ "$CMD" = "" ]; then
    echo "ERROR: invalid command. Please try again."
if [ "$CMD" = "ct" ]; then
if [ "$CMD" = "ws" ]; then
    echo -n "What should the MBA be? "
    read -e $MB
    ./config_weather echo $MB
if [ $CMD = "cc" ]; then
    echo -n "What would you like the MBA of this combiner to be? "
    read -e $MB
    ./config_combiner echo $MB
if [ $CMD = "cr" ]; then
    echo -n "What would you like the MBA of this Sub-Combiner to be? "
    read -e 
    ./config_rec101 echo $MB
if [ $CMD = "cm" ]; then
    echo -n "Please press enter to start the minicom "
    read -p "Press [Enter] to start the mincom"
if [ $CMD = "mr" ]; then
    echo -n "What would you like the MBA of this metered unit to be? "
    read -e $MB
    echo -n "What is the ct size for this unit?  "
    read -e $CT
    echo -n "Is this unit set to load? Please press Y or N. "
    read -e $RS
    if [ "$RS" = "N" ]; then
    ./sas echo $MB $CT
    if [ "$RS" = "Y" ]; then
    ./sas echo $MB $CT
    ./set_load echo $MB $CT
if [ $CMD = "sc" ]; then
    echo -n "What would you like the MBA of this Sub-Combiner to be? "
    read -e 
    ./config_rec101 echo $MB
if [ $CMD = "sas" ]; then
    echo -n "What would you like the MBA to be? "
    read -e $MB
    ./sas echo $MB

SO, here is my situation. I have this script, and it is all just basic if/then stuff.
on lines 32-34, the if the if/then works like a charm and does exactly what I want. However on lines 55-69 when the script is run after the 3rd echo then read-e $RS, the script stops automatically, when there is more code to be run. I cannot figure it out. I also re-did the code later in the script to be a skeletal version with no echoes on lines 75-79, and it works there but not earlier in the script. I believe it is something to do with my echo/reads and somewhere along the line the info got jumbled but I cannot seem to locate the problem. any help would be great.


UPDATE: all exec command were removed.

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Old 01-12-2012
Read takes a variable name, not a variable. So this:

read $VAR

would set the ASDF variable, not the VAR one.

read VAR

would actually set VAR.
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Old 01-12-2012
For this particular script I do not believe i need variables because the names I defined at the beginning of the script are the only possible commands to be entered. So each if/then will go one way or another until it finds the entered input if that makes any sense. Also, is it possible to run another script like I have with two things next to it, i.e. $MB $CT? If I ran that command by itself it must be entered ./sas (MBA) (CT) where MBA=$MB and CT=$CT. It will not run correctly/at all if I use this "ask" script that i have posted.
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Old 01-12-2012
Line 63 is an "exec". That starts a new Shell.
Nothing more will happen in the current shell whatsover after an "exec".

Are you sure that you want to use "exec" at all in this script? It is not the correct way to run another script unless you want to pass total control to that script - like when you are writing some sort of locked-in menu.
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Old 01-12-2012
No I was not sure, then I found something while scouring the net to find something to help me, and it said to not use exec so i took them all out.

---------- Post updated at 03:36 PM ---------- Previous update was at 01:33 PM ----------

Thanks for all the help guys, but I figured it out. On all the lines with read -e I took out the $ before all the MB, CT, RS, etc. Works great now! Again, thanks/
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Old 01-12-2012
The very first answer you got was me explaining to you about that.

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