How to make diff show differences one line at a time and not group them?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to make diff show differences one line at a time and not group them?
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How to make diff show differences one line at a time and not group them?

Is there a way to tell diff to show differences one line at a time and not to group them? For example, I have two files:

line 1
line 2
line 3 diff
line 4 diff
line 5 diff
line 6
line 7

line 1
line 2
line 3 diff.
line 4 diff.
line 5 diff.
line 6
line 7

$ diff  -b -B -U 0 file1 file2
--- file1       2012-01-11 15:58:43.000000000 +0000
+++ file2       2012-01-11 15:59:14.000000000 +0000
@@ -3,3 +3,3 @@
-line 3 diff
-line 4 diff
-line 5 diff
+line 3 diff.
+line 4 diff.
+line 5 diff.

What I need is this:
-line 3 diff
+line 3 diff.
-line 4 diff
+line 4 diff.
-line 5 diff
+line 5 diff.

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diff is designed to detect insertions and deletions of lines, not just simple changes of lines, and that format would leave a lot desired for that; what you want isn't diff, exactly.

I don't understand where your output comes from, either. You seem to be showing the string 'diff' exists in both files when it does not...
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The string "diff" does exist in both files (I created the files to show an example). I realize that diff has the ability to provide differences for the purpose of merging files, I am not interested in that. I am creating a report from output of diff and am filtering out the additional information that diff provides (e.g. ---, +++, @@). The report would be much more useful if the differences were shown as one line at a time instead of being grouped. If there is another command/tool that I can use instead of diff for that I am open to it. Thanks.
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Not sure if this is on the path you're trying travel down, but is this along the lines of what you're trying to achieve?

diff -y file1 file2 | grep '|' | sed 's/\s*|//g'

line 3 diff	line 3 diff.
line 4 diff	line 4 diff.
line 5 diff	line 5 diff.

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Thanks. I must have the lines on separate lines (the lines are long and are written into an HTML table for readability).
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Originally Posted by mmr11408
The string "diff" does exist in both files (I created the files to show an example).
If the files are identical, then why is any difference reported?
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The sample files that I created are not identical. One has extra periods (.) at the end.
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