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comparing csv files

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Old 12-13-2011
comparing csv files

I'm just new to shell scripting n simple tasks looks so tough in initial stage. i need to write a script which will read a property file, property file will be containing count of the csv files, and in a folder(same folder) there will be respective csv files.
like Property file
and in a directory corresponding csv files will be there.

I need to make a script that can first read property file and search for the keyword like data1 csv files in folder and match the count, if they are equal proceed proceed further if not send an error mail. i totally confused with this, its like climbing mountain like a newbie for me....plz help me out with thisSmilie
Thanks a lot..
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Old 12-13-2011
To climb mountains, you need good shoes for a start...Are you equiped? Smilie

I always use to make mountains out of things till I went I see a psychiatrist...
First thing to learn is to analyse correctly the task ( describe!!) then strip down to the maximum all that is involved (to elementary tasks...) leaving aside what you don't know yet and try to express the result into pseudocode, if that is done then it is just a question of translating...
We will be glad to help you once we have seen a start (even pseudocode...)

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Old 12-15-2011
Hi vbe thanks for advising me the right way to learn...
as per my little knowledge i tried to make pseudo code...

1.Find *data1* in prop file
2. Count value against *data1*
3. Store in var1
4. Search and count *data1*.csv
5. Store the count in var2
6. if var1=var2
return 0
7. else
trigger mail

hope i m on right way me further @vbe also tell me some good links n books to learn shell scripting....
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Old 12-21-2011
Hi as per my experience in scripting.. i tried i'm posting here... i know its need a lot of corrections as well as making all the commands together...

  #while loop to read line by line
  While read LINE ; do
  echo “Line $N = $LINE
    # cut command to extract columns
  cut -f 1,3,4 -d ‘|' Jewson.csv
    #if else clause to check the columns if they contain something or empty
  if ($1==[a-zA-Z][0-9] && $2==[a-zA-Z][0-9] && $3==$1==[a-zA-Z][0-9])
  return 0
  #send mail to admin {code for sendmail server}

Now anyone can please help me out to make a working script for my need.

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