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Using multiple values for single variable in a loop

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Old 12-07-2011
Using multiple values for single variable in a loop

Hello Guys,

I have a small loop problem as below.

I have 3 different values to be used while running the same script -

Now I want to use these three variable values to be used for running the same command, like -
while (i=0,i<=3,i++)
  bin/java -s (run something with $var);

Now I want $var taking the value of var1, var2 and var3 each time it runs,

so can someone please tell me how do we achieve the above?

I tried doing -
for $1 $2 $3

    case 1
    case 2
    case 3

while read a b c
    <code assumed to have loop iteration>
done <<< $(command)

But it isnt working as expected... Would really appreciate your help on this.


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Old 12-07-2011
for X in "value1" "value2" "value3'
         echo "X is now $X"

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