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How to delete 1 record in large file!

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How to delete 1 record in large file!

Hi All,

I'm a newbie here, I'm just wondering on how to delete a single record in a large file in unix.


file1.txt is 1000 records

what i want to do is delete the nikki2 record in file1.txt. is it possible?

Please advise,

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Try this...
sed '/nikki2/d' file1.txt > output_file

#or if your sed supports -i

sed -i '/nikki2/d' file1.txt

You have like ~68 posts, you can't be considered newbie anymore... Smilie

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With grep
grep -v 'nikki2$' inputfile > outfile

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Thank you very much Sir ahamed, Sir michaelrozar17.

but i'm still learning to all of you master, that's why i'm still a newbie. ^_^


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