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Old 12-05-2011
Find and move files parsed from cvs file

I need help with a bash script.
We have a directory of files which need to be renamed and moved to another directory based on filename information in a cvs file.

The contents of the cvs file are as follows:

Where dfg475 is the basename without extension

Our source folder is:

We need to find and abc123.pdf...
and move them to New directory while renaming them: and A102345_abc123.pdf

The resulting destination folder should look like:

I'm stuck at the first step of trying to find the files by parsing the csv file.

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Old 12-05-2011
Can you explain the logic to construct the new prefix (A102345/A102347)?
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Old 12-05-2011
The old files "abc123" are referenced in a new database solution which assigns them a new name "A102345". We need to rename the file appending the new prefix while retaining the old name so we will be able to search the file system for either the new prefix or the old name. The old name consisted of logical expression of customer "abc" and order "123". The new forced name "A102345" lacks any such intelligence.
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Old 12-05-2011
If the construction of the new name is assigned by a database solution, how can we provide you a solution if we do not know it?
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Old 12-05-2011
I think they're just obtained from the CSV file.

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Try this:
while IFS="," read NEWNAME OLDNAME
        UPPER=$(echo "$OLDNAME" | tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]')
        for EXT in ai pdf
                if [ -f Old/${UPPER:0:1}/${UPPER:0:3}/${OLDNAME}.${EXT} ]
                        echo mv Old/${UPPER:0:1}/${UPPER:0:3}/${OLDNAME}.${EXT} New/${NEWNAME}_${OLDNAME}.${EXT}

done < file.csv

Remove the 'echo' once you know it does what you want.
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Old 12-05-2011
Originally Posted by Shell_Life
If the construction of the new name is assigned by a database solution, how can we provide you a solution if we do not know it?
The database generates the cvs file which we need to parse line by line.
The prefix to the new name is contained in the first field of the cvs file.
The second field in the cvs file is the basename of the original files minus extension.

Below is my novice and vain attempts thus far:
[ ! -f $INPUT ] & while read new old
#echo $old
find ~/Desktop/Arts/ -name "$old*" >> Results.txt
#previous command dose not produce results.
#would rather pipe search results to xargs & mv instead of outputing to .txt
#following command is an attempt to mv the files from the search results to New directory renaming
#them appending $new field data of csv to beginning of file names.
for f in `cat Results.txt`; do mv ./"$f" "./New/${$new%f}";
done <$INPUT

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Old 12-05-2011
Here is one possible solution:
typeset -u mFirst
typeset -u mPref
while read mFld1 mFld2; do
  mFirst=$(echo ${mFld2} | cut -c1)
  mPref=$(echo ${mFld2} | cut -c1-3)
  mv /Old/${mFirst}/${mPref}/${mFld2}.ai /New/${mNewFN}.ai
  mv /Old/${mFirst}/${mPref}/${mFld2}.pdf /New/${mNewFN}.pdf
done < Inp_File

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