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Old 11-28-2011
tcsh help

Does anyone no way my .tcsh_history file is filling up with a bunch of crap?? It is filled with lines like:
! ls eccracrascratcd ! ls mecd /hchoo "cratch2/mecd /sch2/mecd /sh2/mecd /scratchcd /scratch2/mecd /scratcraecd /ls mo "ls" >
  ! ls eccratch2/mecd /sc/ls"d /scratch2/mecd histecho "ls" o "ls" > ! ls mecd /sc/ls" >
  ! ls histecho cd /sc/ls" > ! ls hch"ltecho "ls"mecls" > ! ls mecd /hcrats mecd /hcratch2/mecd /lsecho hchcd /scratcls e cd /hcratch2/

Could it have something to do with having the .tcsh_history (~/.tcsh_history) file on the server and sharing it to all the client nodes (NFS)?

I also can't get password-less ssh working


OS: FC14

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Old 11-28-2011
if you have root_access
* check `last|tac` and `who -a|tac` for possibility foreign logins
* if you see any foreign IP then configure sshd_config with AllowUsers (user@IP)
* change your password(to more complex) and kill foreign ssh sess and regenarete ssh pub/priv keypairs.
* clear history file and re-login with new passwd
if no
* try change your password(to more complex) and regenarete pub/priv key.
* check the last modifed times of your files(like historyf) and compare your times?
* clear history file and re-login with new passwd

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Old 11-28-2011
I checked both `last|tac` and `who -a|tac` and everthing looks good. I cleared my history and everything seemed to work for sometime, but after logging off and on a couple times i started seeing things like this in way history:
cat .tcsh_historyc#+1322511480
cat .tcsh_hcat .tcsh_history
cd ssh-keygen -t dsa -f .ss#+1322511#+#+1322511560
keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ss#+1322511#+1keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ss#+1322511#+1keygen -t dsa -fcat .tcsh_histossh-keygen -t cd mef

I also changed my password.

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