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Old 11-25-2011
Need help in "sed" script - David Tang script

Hi there
I need help in this geat script of David Tan who i am thanking.
It work great, but i would changing this line
sed 's/{ 0:0:1 }/{ 0:0:0 } ## expired !!/g' $TARGET1/$FILE3 >> $TARGET2/$FILE1
to for exp
sed 's/{ 0:0:1, 0100:003315, aaaa:bbbbb }/{ 0:0:0, 0100:003315, aaaa:bbbbb } ## expired !!/g' $TARGET1/$FILE3 >> $TARGET2/$FILE1
to resume, i need juste witch variable can replace 0100:003315, aaaa:bbbbb in input to get same variable in output. I need change 0:0:1 to 0:0:0 only.
Thank's in advance.

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Heeelp Smilie

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Old 11-25-2011
Expecting this ..
$ sed 's/0:0:1,/0:0:0,/g;s/$/## expired !!/g' $TARGET1/$FILE3

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Old 11-25-2011
Great, work perfect, thnak you very much.
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