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rsync backup mode(--backup) Are there any options to remove backup folders on successful deployment?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting rsync backup mode(--backup) Are there any options to remove backup folders on successful deployment?
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Old 11-23-2011
rsync backup mode(--backup) Are there any options to remove backup folders on successful deployment?

Hi Everyone,

we are running rsync with --backup mode, Are there any rsync options to remove backup folders on successful deployment?

Thanks in adv.

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backintime(1)							   USER COMMANDS						     backintime(1)

backintime - a simple backup tool for Linux. This is command line tool. The graphical tools are: backintime-gnome and backintime-kde4. SYNOPSIS
backintime [ --backup | --backup-job | --snapshots-path | --snapshots-list | --snapshots-list-path | --last-snapshot | --last-snapshot-path | --help | --version | --license ] DESCRIPTION
Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux. The backup is done by taking snapshots of a specified set of folders. All you have to do is configure: where to save snapshots, what folders to backup. You can also specify a backup schedule: disabled, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every hour, every day, every week, every month. To configure it use one of the graphical interfaces available (backintime-gnome or backintime-kde4). It acts as a 'user mode' backup tool. This means that you can backup/restore only folders you have write access to (actually you can backup read-only folders, but you can't restore them). If you want to run it as root you need to use 'su'. A new snapshot is created only if something changed since the last snapshot (if any). A snapshot contains all the files from the selected folders (except for exclude patterns). In order to reduce disk space it use hard-links (if possible) between snapshots for unchanged files. This way a file of 10Mb, unchanged for 10 snapshots, will use only 10Mb on the disk. When you restore a file 'A', if it already exists on the file system it will be renamed to 'A.backup.currentdate'. For automatic backup it use 'cron' so there is no need for a daemon, but 'cron' must be running. user-callback During backup process the application can call a user callback at different steps. This callback is "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/backintime/user- callback" (by default $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is ~/.config). The first argument is the progile id (1=Main Profile, ...). The second argument is the progile name. The third argument is the reason: 1 Backup process begins. 2 Backup process ends. 3 A new snapshot was taken. The extra arguments are snapshot ID and snapshot path. 4 There was an error. The second argument is the error code. Error codes: 1 The application is not configured. 2 A "take snapshot" process is already running. 3 Can't find snapshots folder (is it on a removable drive ?). 4 A snapshot for "now" already exist. OPTIONS
-b, --backup take a snapshot now (if needed) --backup-job take a snapshot (if needed) depending on schedule rules (used for cron jobs) --snapshots-path display path where is saves the snapshots (if configured) --snapshots-list display the list of snapshot IDs (if any) --snapshots-list-path display the paths to snapshots (if any) --last-snapshot display last snapshot ID (if any) --last-snapshot-path display the path to the last snapshot (if any) -h, --help display a short help -v, --version show version --license show license SEE ALSO
backintime-gnome, backintime-kde4. Back In Time also has a website: AUTHOR
This manual page was written by BIT Team (<>). version 1.0.10 Mars 2009 backintime(1)

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