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Trying to email text, getting blank email

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Trying to email text, getting blank email
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Trying to email text, getting blank email

Hello, and thank you for help in advance, i seem to have this script working, except for the email part, it sends me a blank email, am i not redirecting the output of my text file the right way?


rm installed_zones.txt


for EACH in `cat serverlist.txt`
ssh $EACH zoneadm list -ipc | grep running | grep -v "global" >> installed_zones.txt

if [ -s installed_zones.txt ] ; then
cat /home/xxx/stuff/installed_zones.txt | mail

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Maybe just -s "subject..." missing ?
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for EACH in `cat serverlist.txt`
ssh $EACH zoneadm list -ipc | grep running | grep -v "global" >> installed_zones.txt

Useless use of cat, dangerous use of backticks. You don't need to run grep 18,000 times for 9,000 hosts either. This would be faster and more reliable:

while read EACH
        ssh "$EACH" zoneadm list -ipc
done < serverlist.txt | grep running | grep -v "global" > installed_zones.txt

cat /home/galanteb/stuff/installed_zones.txt | mail

Another useless use of cat, though probably not as big a deal. Redirect in a file with < instead. Also, as vbe says, try giving it a subject.

mail -s "subject" < /home/galanteb/stuff/installed_zones.txt

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i could not get "mail" to work, this is solaris 10. this below finally worked. I appreciate your help!

/usr/ucb/mail -s "ZONES INSTALLED BUT NOT RUNNING" < installed_zones.txt

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