Removing comma just from numbers

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Old 11-21-2011
Removing comma just from numbers

Hi Guys,

I want to remove commas from just the numbers in the file.
So both sides of the comma should be numbers.

Input file

1,234 nb
hi, hello, bye

Desired output:

1234 nb
hi, hello, bye

Thanks a lot Smilie
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Old 11-21-2011
perl -pe 's/(?<=\d),(?=\d)//g' file

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Old 11-21-2011
What have you tried so far, where are you stuck? Show some effort please.
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Old 11-22-2011
thanks, worked perfect,

and do you have any idea about this:

I want to delete both pattern1 and pattern2 from the lines that have pattern1 in a file.

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there is a webpage that I want to extract it's data, I used grep sed and cut and now came up to point which is hard Smilie
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Old 11-22-2011

(cat file |grep -v  '[0-9]') ; (cat file|grep '[0-9]'| sed 's/,//g')

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Old 12-06-2011
with sed...

sed '
/[[:digit:]]/ {
' filename

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Old 12-06-2011
In nawk ..
$ nawk '/[0-9]/{gsub(/,/,"")};1' infile

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